Hey Queens, lets talk hair care! We've listed some tips on how to care for  your extensions for long lasting use. Your 100% virgin human hair is no longer attached to the scalp which provides consistent nutrients. So, it's important to give your hair extensions some TLC!
Body wave/Straight Hair Care
  • For sew-ins we suggest washing hair extensions before installing for best use.
  • Brush your wigs using a paddle brush or wide tooth comb to remove any tangles or product build up. Brush gently when dry starting from the ends and working your way up.
  • Before bed remove glueless wig and hang up on a mannequin or place it in your storage bag that it came in.
  • Sleeping with wet hair is a Big No! It can cause hair to dry out quickly.
  • Lack of brushing can cause tangling but do not overly brush. Try to keep a brush/comb on hand to give it some love every now and then.
  • Shedding in hair extensions can happen just like natural hair. To reduce this, brush/comb hair before bed and before washing. 
  • Washing hair extensions is important as washing your natural hair. Extensions need washing but washing too much or using products that contain sulfates and alcohol will strip the hair. We suggest washing your wigs once there is a lot of product build up and/or becoming hard to style. Use a shampoo or conditioner that is free of sulfates and alcohol. Blot with a cotton towel or t-shirt to remove excess water and air dry.  Use a leave-in conditioner. Apply a light weight oil or serum to moisturize the hair. If you like to use a blow dryer use medium to low , warm heat.
  • Recommendation for washing hair is every 2 weeks, once a month or when there is a lot of product build up, which ever comes first.
  • Use heat protectant before applying any type of heat. Avoid using excessive heat as it can cause damage to hair.
Curly/Wavy Care

  • Co wash your curly wigs once a week and shampoo every 2 weeks depending on how often you wear your wigs.
  • When detangling hair, section the hair into 5 to 7 sections, use paddle/Denman brush or wide tooth comb starting from ends and working your way up. This will minimize any shedding.  
  • Never brush or detangle curly hair when dry, always wet.
  • Always keep your curly hair hydrated and moisturized. Curly hair loves water and then add leave-in conditioner, apply a lightweight serum or oil to lock in the moisture. To define waves/curls apply a light weight but moisturizing curl defining cream or foam. My favorite is "Nairobi Wrapp-it Shine Foam."
  • Do not sleep in your curly wigs. If you sleep in them make sure you put about 4 twists/braids and put a silk/satin bonnet on.  Remember curly/wavy hair requires more attention than straight hair when it comes to maintenance. 

Hair Product Suggestion

  • We suggest using products that are lightweight, sulfate and alcohol free. Products that have water listed as the first ingredient should be your go to product as water is the first step to the hydration process, especially for curly/wavy hair.
Disclaimer: We've conducted research and testing to provide you with the best top quality hair! It is not our responsibility if you are not knowledgeable of how to properly care for your hair! We've provided the proper tips to ensure the longevity of your hair extensions! If you have any questions please contact us.